Cancer Program

Putting Firefighters First

Cancer coverage for eligible firefighters will be available in March to all Missouri municipal and district fire operations through the Missouri Fire Fighter Critical Illness Pool (MFFCIP). Contributions will be prorated for a January 1 annual policy term. A roster of eligible fire service personnel is required.

After two years of looking at the cancer issues in Missouri, SB45 was passed in both houses and signed by the Governor allowing for the creation of the MFFCIP. With the Steering Committee’s launch of MFFCIP, it will begin to facilitate the delivery of coverage for seventeen nationally recognized cancers that are scientifically arguable as occurring more frequently in fire service occupation. The below rates are subsidized by the legislation for as long as the funding is available.

The Pool will offer three levels of benefit based on the selected coverage limit as shown below.

If you would like to calculate your contribution, download our “Calculate Your Contribution – Spreadsheet”.


Type Of Cancer Total Incurred Claims Count
Rectal Cancer $188,006.50 1
Thyroid Cancer $3,841.82 1
Tonsil Cancer $0.00 1
Kidney Cancer $48,000 2
Colon Cancer $188,006.50 1
Testicular Cancer $0.00 1

Annual Cost for 5-Year Eligible Volunteer and Part-Time Firefighters

Coverage Limit 2022 Cost 2023 Cost 2024 Cost
$100,000 $31/person $38/person $44/person
$200,000 $63/person $75/person $88/person
$300,000 $95/person $114/person $133/person

Annual Cost for 5-Year Eligible Full-time Firefighters (Minimum 1,600 Hrs.)

Coverage Limit 2022 Cost 2023 Cost 2024 Cost
$100,000 $39/person $46/person $55/person
$200,000 $78/person $94/person $109/person
$300,000 $118/person $142/person $165/person


  • No More Invasive Investigation – When adjusting a Workers’ Compensation cancer claim, it can take more than six months for a firefighter to gather evidence to build a case, and six months to two years for an employer to research prior exposures and investigate prior employment, lifestyle, family history, and medical records. Through MFFCIP, firefighters will no longer be subject to this type of an intrusive investigation.
  • More Claims Will Be Eligible for Compensation – More firefighters’ claims will be accepted on receipt of diagnosis with one of the 17 covered cancers. No investigation into the cause of the cancer will be needed upon confirmation of eligibility.
  • Faster Payouts – Claims process will be streamlined and payments will start within 10 days of confirmation to the Pool of a diagnosed covered cancer. It is not going to get any easier for a firefighter to collect under the current Workers’ Compensation Program.
  • Specially-Designed Awards – Awards are designed to pay high deductibles, co-payments, and future anticipated costs designed into many firefighter benefit programs.


  • Improved Employee Relations – Improves relationship between management and firefighters by removing the delay previously needed for investigations into family history, prior employers, hobbies, and lifestyle.
  • Caps on Losses – Caps losses covered under the award program to $300,000, which previously could be well in excess of $500,000 and weighing into a department’s experience rating.
  • Affordable Rates – Keeps excess rates affordable for self-insured programs.
  • Member-Owned – Pool is member-owned, so every department has a say in how the Pool operates.
  • Local Funding – Funding stays in Missouri for the use of further supporting Missouri firefighters as opposed to funding going to other states to pay stockholders and executive salaries.
  • Reduced Financial Burden – Maintaining reasonableness of Workers’ Compensation rates/costs allowing the avoidance of the potential 100% increased financial burden.