Beating Cancer Through Early Detection

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the fire service. According to the International Journal of Cancer, the association between the firefighting occupation and cancer incidence and mortality is undeniable. The IJC found in firefighters an increased incidence rate for colon (14%), rectal (9%), prostate (15%), testicular (34%), bladder (12%) and thyroid (22%) cancers as well as mesothelioma (60%) and malignant melanoma (21%). The IJC concludes that attention toward early detection is critical to manage exposure.

To aid in this, we’ve partnered with DetecTogether to help firefighters in Missouri beat cancer by providing access to their program, including the free, easy and life-saving 3 Steps Detect Online Learning program. Now members can receive free education and resources to better equip themselves with the knowledge of early cancer signs and symptoms.

Who is DetecTogether?

DetecTogether is a non-profit education and advocacy organization located in Westborough, Mass. It was founded to address an unmet need in the cancer world. While it is undisputed that early cancer detection leads to the best health outcomes, no one was teaching people how to identify early warning signs of cancer.

Why early detection?

When caught early, most cancers are treatable. There are more than 100 types of cancer and effective screenings for only four types. DetecTogether has sorted through the complexity of identifying symptoms and developed an easy roadmap for members to use to tap into this life-saving advantage. It is a simple three-step plan called 3 Steps Detect. Because it’s nearly impossible to memorize them all, DetecTogether has created an easy, three-step plan to identify early warning signs of cancer, when to take action, and how to have the right conversation with your doctor.

Getting Started with DetecTogether

  • Early Cancer Detection and MFFCIP – DetecTogether Partnership Webinar
    Recorded 8/9/2022, please use the password gDgtDH8$ to view the webinar.
  • Early Cancer Detection Training – Free training that saves lives. Developed with the help of DetecTogether’s Fire Service Advisory Board, whose expertise and experience span research, firefighting, and cancer fighting, this on-demand program can be accessed on computers and mobile devices from anywhere.
  • 3 Steps Detect – DetecTogether uses 3 Steps Detect to educate people about the signs and symptoms of cancer, motivates them to pay attention to health changes, empowers them to seek timely care, and to collaborate with their physicians.
  • Digital Resources – To assist you in promoting DetecTogether early cancer detection program to your staff check out these created materials to share throughout the year to remind people to take the courses available to them.
  • Online Training Poster – Print or distribute this poster among staff to promote DetecTogether’s free online training.
  • Online Training One-Sheet – Print or distribute this one-sheet among staff to promote DetecTogether’s free online training.

Additional Questions?

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