IGA Checklist

Instructions and Checklist for the Proper Execution of the Resolution and Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)

  • Please use the provided copies of the Resolution and IGA without alteration. When changes are warranted by the Organization please submit them prior to signing for review and acceptance by the Benefits Trust Board of Directors.The board/council Chairman/President or authorized representative of the Organization must sign both the entity Resolution and IGA.
  • The board/council Secretary or other member must attest to the President’s signature on both the Resolution and IGA. If attestment is not by the Secretary please indicate individual’s title in the entity.
  • Enter the current date on both the Resolution and IGA signature pages.
  • Each entity must designate on the Resolution specific individuals (not necessarily board/council members) to be the Primary and Alternative Trust Representatives. These may not be a company, and one person may not be both the Primary and Alternative Representative.
  • Please enter a current email and mailing address for the Primary and Alternative Representatives.
  • You may specify the individual’s address as being in care of a company.
  • Please indicate adoption of the Resolution by two Directors on Page 2 of the Resolution these are Shown as the Presiding Officer and attested by a second Officer.
  • A copy of the Resolution and one original IGA document must be returned to McGriff, Seibels & Williams, the Trust Administrators at the above address. If the Member wishes to retain an original copy please have duplicate originals signed at the same time.
  • For expediency please send an electronic copy of the Resolution and the signature page on the IGA to lshi@mcgriff.com
Please note: It is important that current representative and/or alternate information be maintained with the Benefits Trust Administrator, and we request that any changes be submitted in writing as soon as possible. Click here to download this checklist